Sky3DS Crack Tutorials

BootNTR Selector 2.8 updated

News from github, the improved version of the BootNTR-BootNTR Selector has been updated to 2.8 and it allows you to choose the version of NTR you want to load. With BootNTR Selector, we can install 3DS cheat NTR plugin which will make you play 3ds games easily. In this post, we will introduce the cheat ntr plugins for some popular 3ds games.

– A version selector
– Firmware 11.4 compatible
– Should be a bit faster than the original to load the cfw.
– Auto updater
– Check if NTR is already running before loading another one to avoid a crash
– Extended Mode Memory Support on Old3DS using the Mode3 version

How to install BootNTR Selector?
1. Uninstall the BootNTR in your 3DS
2. Delete the ntr.bin file in your SD card(in SD:/ntr.bin and SD:/3ds/ntr/ntr.bin)
3. Download BootNTRSelector.cia file and install it
4. Select BootNTR Selector icon and press SELECT button, the BootNTRSelector will show.
5. Click Use Default and then click Save Settings to save it
6. Now ntr.bin will be downloaded automatically. Then 3DS will turn to the following page. Touch the desired BootNTR version to load it
7. After loading, the 3DS will exit automatically
8. The BootNTR Selector will launch without pressing SELECT button. After launching the app, the BootNTR Selector will load the NTR version you have chosen last time automatically.
Tip: To old3DS users, launching the app before the homemenu is completely loaded may result in a crash / error. So before launching it, wait a couple of seconds for the homemenu to be fully loaded.

The Cheat NTR Plugins of Monster Hunter XX, Fire Emblem Echoes – Shadows of Valentia, Kirby, Dragon Ball Heroes – Ultimate Mission X, Pro Yakyuu Famista Climax and Ice Station Z has been updated. If you want to enjoy it, please download chea.plg here
How to put cheat NTR plugin: SD card/plugin/game id/chea.plg
When load cheat ntr plugin successfully. there should be a green screen flashed

SKY3DS+/SKY3DS can support Freakyhax on 3DS 11.0.0-33U/E


Developer Plutoo released a new 3DS homebrew exploit -Freakyhax based on 3ds games: Freakyforms Deluxe. Just like for old Ninjhax, Freakyhax also uses QR-code function of Freakyforms Deluxe to access to 3DS Homebrew Launcher. It also allows users to run tools, emulators and region free games on your console.

We download EUR version Freakyforms Deluxe and this game is non AP checks 3ds games. Sky3ds+ and sky3ds can both play this game on NEW3DS/3DS/2DS.

N3DS/OLD 3DS9.0-11.0(US/EUR)(we use O3DS11.0E)
Sky3ds+/ sky3ds
A EUR/USA copy of the game

1. Download the latest version of freakyhax: “” , extract it. Copy the  “DCIM” and “freaky.bin” in v0\build\old_eur\exploit  to the root directory of your 3DS console’s SD card.
2. Download the otherapp bin from, select your firmware version (only select NEW if you are running this on a New 3DS (XL); regular 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS owners should select OLD), click”download otherapp” and get a “POST5_E_24576_9221.bin” for O3DS11.0.0-33E. Rename it to “otherapp.bin”. Copy it to the root directory of your 3DS console’s SD card.
3. Download homebrew starter kit  and extract all the files to the root of your 3DS console’s SD card.
4. Copy 3ds rom with us/eur version to your microSD card, insert sky3ds+/ sky3ds with microSD card to your 3DS console.

5. Press A to run this game,Play → Camera → Load a QR code → pick the image. freakyhax3freakyhax4

Then you will go to homebrew launcher.


How to create your own template file for the blue button sky3DS card?

As sky3ds template file has not been updated for long time and some of 3ds roms(non
Ap checks) newly released can not be play with sky3ds blue button. As the rom
header can not be added in time.

In this post, we will tell you the instruction of creating your own template file for  blue button sky3ds card. Then you can play non AP checks 3ds games with
sky3ds freely. We use Yo-Kai Watch as example.

Firstly, you need to build a game header information file( the pre-file for a template). Please follow this post: How to build a new game header information file ( the pre-file for a template) 

1. Download “” and extract it. You will get two files:
GenerateTemplate.exe , Parse.bat. 14
2. Copt the 3ds rom pre-file to the same directory with
GenerateTemplate.exe and Parse.bat.15
3. Run Parse.bat file and there will be a new file generated “parsed.txt”17
4. Open “parsed.txt”, you will see the 3ds rom header.
Tips;You put two/three 3ds rom header save files, you will get two/three 3ds roms

5.Open template file and copy 3ds rom header to the end of template.txt. Save it and
then you can play the 3ds roms with your sky3ds+ blue button.

This instruction can be only replied to 3ds games with non AP checks. If it is the 3ds
games with AP checks, you can not run it even it has been flashed to your microSD
card. If you want to play AP checks 3ds games newly released, please use sky3ds+
orange button. Sky3ds+ can play all the newest 3ds games without diskwriter and

NTR CFW 3.1 updated


NTR CFW 3.1,the new version of NTR CFW updated. After NTR CFW3.0 released several months, many users are interested in this CFW. At the same time, they also meet some problem when using this firmware. And now the ntr cfw team released the new update:NTR CFW 3.1.

Here are the changlog:

①Fixed NTR crash problem when there are hidden files ot non-plg files in the ‘plugin’ directory.
②Added ‘Game Plugin Config Menu’, which allows users configure game plugins in the NTR Menu.
③Fixed compatibility problems with Mejoras Mask 3D and Super Smash Bros, these games crashes after opening NTR Menu in previous versions.
④ Improved the stability of the BootNTR.

For new users, please follow the instruction to install NTR CFW 3.1 on your NEW3DS/3DS/2DS v4.1-9.2:
How to install NTR CFW 3.0 with sky3ds for cheat function?
Download NTR CFW 3.1

Nintendo eshop was blocked sub 10.0 versions ?

November 2 (Monday) maintenance such as the Nintendo e-shop from noon, has ended today at 11:30. I did not apologize for the inconvenience.
Ninjhax2.5 allows sky3ds users to access to eshop on 3DS 9.2-10.2  and nintendo official team announced that the eshop start in maintenance from November 2nd afternoon to November 3rd 11:30.

The maintenance in nintendo eshop begins on November 2nd afternoon, and ends in 11:30 today. I did apologize for the inconcenience.
In this maintenance, intendo team fixed the bug and users cannot go to eshop blew 3DS10.0. In other words, eshop access to 3DS10.0,10.1,10.2 working well.
And several hour later, Mr smea declare that eshop works again on firmware 3DSv9.0-10.1 with the latest HANS from

SKY3DS using ninjhax2.5 access to eshop and GBA emulator on 3D10.2

Ninjhax2.5– the new version of ninjhax come out with several powerful functions. Here are the new functions:
①Support 3DSv9.0-10.2
②regionFIVE(play games region free)
③eShop spoofing
⑤Support games language changing
⑥Access to GBA emulator and support GBA games.

Cubic Ninja rom
3DS SD card
one miro sd card
some 3ds roms and gba roms
homebrew starter kit

1. Download homebrew starter kit and unzip all the files to the root of your 3DS SD card.
2. Install the ninjhax2.5 with sky3ds on your 3DS console. Please follow the instruction of Ninjhax 2.0 works well with SKY3DS on FW9.0-9.9. The homebrew launcher will load.
Tip:①. If you want to exit the homebrew launcher, please press Start and then press A.
②. The wifi and scaning QR Code is necessary when you go to the homebrew launcher in the first time, and there are no need to use them longer later.

eShop spoofing
Turn on your wifi and select the “eshop” in the homebrew launcher to go to eshop.

Access to GBA emulator and support GBA games.
Select “mgba” in the homebrew launcher and then selcet the gba games to enjoy it.
Press X to export menu
Press Y to zoom in and out the screen

①Press “Hans”in the homebrew launcher, and press left and right buttons to change to the games, and then press A;
②If the games are in the same region, please click “OK” and then press A;
③press Home to screenshot the pictures you like;
④press R+L+down+B to exit to homebrew launcher;
⑤selcet “Screenshot tool” in homebrew launcher, press A to extract screenshots.
⑥ The following pitures are the screenshots

Tips: The screenshots are in screenshots files of your 3DS SD card.

How to use ninjhax 2.1 playing games region free(ironhax and tubehax)?

The developers of ninjhax 2.0-Mr sema released ironhax and tubehax on its offcial
We can use ninjhax 2.1 with sky3ds& Cubic Ninja to play games region free and other homebrews.Now we can also use ironhax/tubehax to enjot region free games.

Vedio[Free 3DS homebrew, region free for all on latest firmware version (ironhax and tubehax) ]

When your 3DS console version is v9.0-9.9, you can use tubehax  and now we will introduce you the tutorial of use use ninjhax 2.1 playing games region free(tubehax)


1.3DS console V9.0-9.9
2. Download”YouTube application”(available for free) on eshop
3. Please make sure the internet connection is right.

Step 1. Please download the homebrew starter kit and unzip it. Copy all the files to your 3DS sd card

Step 2.  On your 3DS, select System Settings→Internet Settings→Connection Settings→select your favorite Connection(Connection1/2/3, anyone is ok)→click Change Settings→ Select “no” for DNS on second page→ Detailed Setup→Primary DNS, enter the follwoing number and then click”OK”

Step 3,  Please save the new settings and close the system settings

Step 4, Run the”YouTube” which you  need to choose your console version.

Step 5, choose yuor console foirmware version under “Select your firmware version” and then click”submit”

Step 6, After for a while, the the exploit should run and the Homebrew Launcher should load up !
Once you want to exit from the Homebrew Launcher, please press Start →A button.

It is really easy to use 2.1 to enjoy games region free, is it? For users who donot have a ninjhax rom or  donot want to read the QR code is a easlier way to enjoy home  Ninjhax 2.0 works well with SKY3DS on FW9.0-9.9

CakesFW can support CIA games without flashcard using sky3ds once .

Great news! There is a new CFW which users can use sky3ds and r4i card once, then you can enjoy the cia games without cards. And also  it can support many other CFW for Cubic Ninja in. In this post, we will  show you the tutirial how to play cia games without flashcards with CakesFW.

1 x NEW 3DS(V9.0-9.2)
1 x SKY3DS
1 x R4 card
2 x micro sd card
1 x 3DS sd card
1 x Cubic Ninja rom
N x CIA Roms
1 x  Cakes

Step 1, Please download “” and unzip it. You will get four files:firmware,MicroSD,MEST and R4
Copy all the files of “MicroSD” to the root of your 3DS SD card, and also please put the two files in \Cakes\MSET\Jap to your 3DS SD card(We use the NEW3DS 9.1.0J, so we use the files in JAP. There are also”EUR” and“USA”files which should be the same region with your 3DS console)
Put some cia roms you want to play to your 3DS SD card.

Step 2,  Turn on your 3DS and wifi, insert the sky3ds with Cubic Ninja in your micro sd card, run Cubic Ninja→EDIT→QR Code →QR Code の読取, go to to get the QR Code.
(once you failed to read the QR Code, please try more times)

Step 3, After scanning, it will go to homebrew laucher.
Select Cakes to CakesFW menu, run”Select Patches” and then press A on Disable signature checks. Finally, press Start to back to CakesFW menu. Run “Boot CFW“ and it will be back to 3DS console menu interface.

Step 4, Please run Cubic Ninja again and go to homebrew laucher Run FBI to install DevMenu-2x.cia When installation completes, press start to continue which will return to CakesFW menu。 Run “Boot CFW“ and return to 3DS console main interface.

Step 5,  The gift box of DevMenu will appear, please click it and install the “bluecard fix.cia” and “mest-jap.cia”. After installation finishes, press home button to back to  3DS console main interface.

Step 6,  Copy the “CakesROP.nds” in file”R4″ to the micro sd card of your R4 card, copy the kernel of your r4i card to the micro sd card;
Remove your sky3ds and insert r4 card, then click the icon and then run”3DS ROP Installer”, select the version(If you console is NEW 3DS, please choose the forth one. Otherwise, the second one is right.)
When the writing succeed, please A to exit.

Step 7, There will be a notice for you to turn off your console, and then turn on it again. You can remove your r4 card now
Select the system setting(系统设置→その他设定→ユーザー情報→DSソフト用设定) as the pictures show. Then you will go to CakesFW menu again. Run”Boot CFW“ to the 3DS main interface. you can install cia roms in DevMenu

Step 8, Finally you can install cia roms in DevMenu and enjoy cia roms without flashcards

SKY3DS can support Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer(CIA) with Pasta CFW 1.3(beta4)

Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer(JP)  was offered for sale on On July 30 which is really a classic and popular game. We have tested  with our sky3ds blue button and confirmed that when you install Pasta CFW 1.3(beta4), Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer(CIA) works well with sky3ds.

New/Old 3DS 4.1-9.2
Micro sd card (formatted)
3DS Micro SD card(formatted)
ROM of Cubic Ninja
Cia file of Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer(JP)

1. Download pasta  and extract it. Copy and paste all the files to  the root of your 3DS Micro SD card. And also copy the cia file of Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer(JP) to your 3DS Micro SD card.
2.  Run “the PastaCFW configurator” in folder pasta cfw1.3\PastaCFW+1.3+beta4\Pasta\PastaCFW configurator\Windows and then fill in the blank of disk(your 3DS Micro SD card) and your 3DS version. Then click”Download!” , there will be a notice when it finished.
3. Insert sky3ds with Cubic Ninja burnt to your 3DS conlsole, then turn on your 3DS and connect to the internet.
Go to and get the QR code which is compatible with your 3DS console version
4.  Run Cubic Ninja→EDIT→QR Code →read QR Code. When the scanning finished, there will be the homebrew launcher showing
Run Pasta CFW loader and  the 3DS console will return to menu interface. Plesae bootup Cubic Ninja  and go to the homebrew launcher again.
Press L+A button to run Pasta CFW loader, you will go to the menu of Pasta CFW.

5. Select the first icon”Give me some pasta” in this menu and run it which will be back to homebrew. Then run FBI and then install “BigBlueMenu.cia”Go to the  menu of Pasta CFW again as step4 and Select “options” -Enable FirmLaunch(Chane to yes by left/right buttons)-A(save).

6. The homebrew will load by itself and the icon”DEVMEN” appearing. Run the DEVMEN and install the cia rom. When it finished, the game  icon of Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer appearing
7. Please enjoy Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer freely.Tips:
Once you failed to install the “BigBlueMenu.cia” of FBI, please access to the previous post to solve this problem
Pasta CFW 1.3(beta4)- SKY3DS can support Fire Emblem If – Anya Oukoku/Awakening

How to install NTR CFW 3.0 with sky3ds for cheat function?

Previously we have introduced to you how to install NTR CFW2.0 with sky3ds on NEW 3DS9.0-9.2. The NTR CFW has the function of region free and cheat. Now there is a new update-NTR CFW3.0 released and we will show you how to install it on sky3ds and enjoy the cheat function

changelog for NTR CFW 3.0

New 3DS/3DS/2DS4.1-9.2 supported
added BootNTR.cia loading method
all region supported, most emunand version supported.

1.Please download”NTR” and extract it. Then copy”BootNTR.cia” and”ntr.bin” to the root of your 3DS Micro SD card;
2. Install Pasta CFW1.3 with the totorial: Pasta CFW 1.3(beta4)- SKY3DS can support Fire Emblem If – Anya Oukoku/Awakening
3. When you have installed the Pasta CFW1.3, the homebrew will load by itself. Install the “BootNTR.cia” in Devmenu
4. When complete the installation, exit from the Devmenu. And then click the new icon”BootNTR”, it will install NTR 3.0 automatically;
5. When done, press home button to return to the menu interface. There will NTR3.0 menu as pictures when you press X+Y, which means you have installed the NTR CFW3.0 successfully.
How to enjoy cheat function of NTR CFW3.0?

1. Create a folder named”plugin” in root of your 3DS Micro SD card, and then get the game ID from  Please download the ”cheat.plg“ compatible with the game ID from
Then create a folder names”game id” in “plugin”, then copy ”cheat.plg“ to “game id”. So there should be a folder”plugin/game id/cheat.plg”
2. Insert the micro sd card to your 3DS console and bootup your 3DS.(Every time you turn off/on your 3ds console, you need to go to pasta CFW and then install NTR CFW3.0 again).

3. For the example of Fire Emblem If Special Edition, install the cia files of Fire Emblem If Special Edition in Devmenu. After done, there will be a game icon showing.

4. Click the game icon, there should be a green screen flashed which means you can enjoy the cheat function during games.