How to install NTR CFW 3.0 with sky3ds for cheat function?

Previously we have introduced to you how to install NTR CFW2.0 with sky3ds on NEW 3DS9.0-9.2. The NTR CFW has the function of region free and cheat. Now there is a new update-NTR CFW3.0 released and we will show you how to install it on sky3ds and enjoy the cheat function

changelog for NTR CFW 3.0

New 3DS/3DS/2DS4.1-9.2 supported
added BootNTR.cia loading method
all region supported, most emunand version supported.

1.Please download”NTR” and extract it. Then copy”BootNTR.cia” and”ntr.bin” to the root of your 3DS Micro SD card;
2. Install Pasta CFW1.3 with the totorial: Pasta CFW 1.3(beta4)- SKY3DS can support Fire Emblem If – Anya Oukoku/Awakening
3. When you have installed the Pasta CFW1.3, the homebrew will load by itself. Install the “BootNTR.cia” in Devmenu
4. When complete the installation, exit from the Devmenu. And then click the new icon”BootNTR”, it will install NTR 3.0 automatically;
5. When done, press home button to return to the menu interface. There will NTR3.0 menu as pictures when you press X+Y, which means you have installed the NTR CFW3.0 successfully.
How to enjoy cheat function of NTR CFW3.0?

1. Create a folder named”plugin” in root of your 3DS Micro SD card, and then get the game ID from  Please download the ”cheat.plg“ compatible with the game ID from
Then create a folder names”game id” in “plugin”, then copy ”cheat.plg“ to “game id”. So there should be a folder”plugin/game id/cheat.plg”
2. Insert the micro sd card to your 3DS console and bootup your 3DS.(Every time you turn off/on your 3ds console, you need to go to pasta CFW and then install NTR CFW3.0 again).

3. For the example of Fire Emblem If Special Edition, install the cia files of Fire Emblem If Special Edition in Devmenu. After done, there will be a game icon showing.

4. Click the game icon, there should be a green screen flashed which means you can enjoy the cheat function during games.