CakesFW can support CIA games without flashcard using sky3ds once .

Great news! There is a new CFW which users can use sky3ds and r4i card once, then you can enjoy the cia games without cards. And also  it can support many other CFW for Cubic Ninja in. In this post, we will  show you the tutirial how to play cia games without flashcards with CakesFW.

1 x NEW 3DS(V9.0-9.2)
1 x SKY3DS
1 x R4 card
2 x micro sd card
1 x 3DS sd card
1 x Cubic Ninja rom
N x CIA Roms
1 x  Cakes

Step 1, Please download “” and unzip it. You will get four files:firmware,MicroSD,MEST and R4
Copy all the files of “MicroSD” to the root of your 3DS SD card, and also please put the two files in \Cakes\MSET\Jap to your 3DS SD card(We use the NEW3DS 9.1.0J, so we use the files in JAP. There are also”EUR” and“USA”files which should be the same region with your 3DS console)
Put some cia roms you want to play to your 3DS SD card.

Step 2,  Turn on your 3DS and wifi, insert the sky3ds with Cubic Ninja in your micro sd card, run Cubic Ninja→EDIT→QR Code →QR Code の読取, go to to get the QR Code.
(once you failed to read the QR Code, please try more times)

Step 3, After scanning, it will go to homebrew laucher.
Select Cakes to CakesFW menu, run”Select Patches” and then press A on Disable signature checks. Finally, press Start to back to CakesFW menu. Run “Boot CFW“ and it will be back to 3DS console menu interface.

Step 4, Please run Cubic Ninja again and go to homebrew laucher Run FBI to install DevMenu-2x.cia When installation completes, press start to continue which will return to CakesFW menu。 Run “Boot CFW“ and return to 3DS console main interface.

Step 5,  The gift box of DevMenu will appear, please click it and install the “bluecard fix.cia” and “mest-jap.cia”. After installation finishes, press home button to back to  3DS console main interface.

Step 6,  Copy the “CakesROP.nds” in file”R4″ to the micro sd card of your R4 card, copy the kernel of your r4i card to the micro sd card;
Remove your sky3ds and insert r4 card, then click the icon and then run”3DS ROP Installer”, select the version(If you console is NEW 3DS, please choose the forth one. Otherwise, the second one is right.)
When the writing succeed, please A to exit.

Step 7, There will be a notice for you to turn off your console, and then turn on it again. You can remove your r4 card now
Select the system setting(系统设置→その他设定→ユーザー情報→DSソフト用设定) as the pictures show. Then you will go to CakesFW menu again. Run”Boot CFW“ to the 3DS main interface. you can install cia roms in DevMenu

Step 8, Finally you can install cia roms in DevMenu and enjoy cia roms without flashcards

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