Pasta CFW 1.3(beta4)- SKY3DS can support Fire Emblem If – Anya Oukoku/Awakening

We have introduced that SKY3DS can play cia games with Pasta CFW on NEW/OLD 3DS 4.1-9.2 and we have tested with Pasta CFW to play cia gameson our 3DS console.

Now there is a new update of Pasta CFW-Pasta CFW 1.3(beta4), and the changelog is the following:
1. Change the GUI(which like the gateway3ds emunand interface )
2. Added the NAND backup(Once you lost the data of 3DS console,  the NAND backup can be used to recover your data. )
3. Added FirmLaunch(After the installation of Pasta CFW 1.3(beta4), the Fire Emblem If – Anya Oukoku/Awakening which need to be played on NEW/OLD 3DS9.7 above can be played on NEW/OLD 3DS 4.1-9.2)

One NEW/OLD 3DS 4.1-9.2 console
One Micro SD card(formatted)
One 3DS Micro SD card(formatted)
ROM of Cubic Ninja
CIA file of Fire Emblem If – Anya Oukoku/Awakening

Step 1, Please download pasta and unzip all all the filee to the root of your 3DS Micro SD card. Insert sky3ds with Cubic Ninja in Micro SD card to your3DS console.
Step 2, Bootup”PastaCFW Configurator” , select your 3DS model and disk. And then click Download button to write data.
When the writing finished, the following pictures will show.
Step 3,  Bootup your 3DS console and wifi, bootup Cubic Ninja→EDIT→QR Code →read QR Code( go to and enter your 3ds console version, ther will be a QR code for you.)
Agter scanning, the homebrew launcher(Pasta CFW loader andFBI) will appear.
Step 4, Bootup Pasta CFW loader, and it will be back to 3DS console menu interface. Run Cubic Ninja→EDIT→QR Code →read QR Code again;
Press L+A to run Pasta CFW loader, the Pasta CFW menu will appear as the following. You can make a backup of your 3DS console data.

Step 5, Bootup “Give me some pasta” in Pasta CFW menu and will back to homebrew. Bootup FBI and then install “BigBlueMenu.cia”go to the Pasta CFW menu again as step 4 and then Select “options” -Enable FirmLaunch(Chane to yes by left/right buttons)-A(save)
Step 6, The  homebrew will load by itself and there will be a gift box appearing.
Click the gift box and install the cia file of Fire Emblem If – Anya Oukoku. When done, there will be games icon.
Step 7, Now you can Fire Emblem If – Anya Oukoku.

By the way,  we tested this tool with NEW3DS9.1. And now the Fire Emblem If – Anya Oukoku which need to be played on N/O3DS 9.7 above can be played on NEW3DS V9.1. You can also play Fire Emblem If – Awakening freely in the same way.

Noting: When you failed to install the “BigBlueMenu.cia” and make a title.db file in your “Nintendo 3DS/id1/id2/dbs” folder, insert the Micro sd card to 3DS console. Setting-software management setting-NINTENDO3DS data management-software management setting-initialization
Now, you can install “BigBlueMenu.cia” as step5.



  1. Where do we place the cia file? or do we run it through diskwriter like any other .3ds .3dz file.

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