Freakyhax with Sky3ds+ supports 3DS11.1.0-34E/U/J

Several days ago, Nintendo new system version 11.1.0-34 has been updated. We found that many 3DS homebrew exploits has been patched by the newest firmware v11.1. Currently famous browerhax and menuhax can not work on 3DSv11.1. But it is happy to tell you that freakyhax has been updated for latest firmware 3DS11.1.0-34 E/U/J by its developer plutoo who tweet this great news on his twitter several hours ago.

For Freakyhax and sky3ds+ users, you can now update your 3DS to v11.1. We all know that users need a EUR/USA/JAP copy of 3DS game Freakyforms Deluxe for installing Freakyhax with sky3ds+.
We have installed freakyhax with sky3ds+ on our 3DSv11.1.0-34E and it works well. Freakyhax user instruction

Please note that otherapp payloads for 11.1 has been updated. If you have installed Freakyhax on 3DS lower version, you need to redownload the latest otherapp payloads for your 3DSv11.1. If you still use old otherapp payloads for 3DS v11.1, Freakyhax will not work.


SKY3DS+/SKY3DS can support Freakyhax on 3DS 11.0.0-33U/E


Developer Plutoo released a new 3DS homebrew exploit -Freakyhax based on 3ds games: Freakyforms Deluxe. Just like for old Ninjhax, Freakyhax also uses QR-code function of Freakyforms Deluxe to access to 3DS Homebrew Launcher. It also allows users to run tools, emulators and region free games on your console.

We download EUR version Freakyforms Deluxe and this game is non AP checks 3ds games. Sky3ds+ and sky3ds can both play this game on NEW3DS/3DS/2DS.

N3DS/OLD 3DS9.0-11.0(US/EUR)(we use O3DS11.0E)
Sky3ds+/ sky3ds
A EUR/USA copy of the game

1. Download the latest version of freakyhax: “” , extract it. Copy the  “DCIM” and “freaky.bin” in v0\build\old_eur\exploit  to the root directory of your 3DS console’s SD card.
2. Download the otherapp bin from, select your firmware version (only select NEW if you are running this on a New 3DS (XL); regular 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS owners should select OLD), click”download otherapp” and get a “POST5_E_24576_9221.bin” for O3DS11.0.0-33E. Rename it to “otherapp.bin”. Copy it to the root directory of your 3DS console’s SD card.
3. Download homebrew starter kit  and extract all the files to the root of your 3DS console’s SD card.
4. Copy 3ds rom with us/eur version to your microSD card, insert sky3ds+/ sky3ds with microSD card to your 3DS console.

5. Press A to run this game,Play → Camera → Load a QR code → pick the image. freakyhax3freakyhax4

Then you will go to homebrew launcher.