Month: June 2015

Rhythm Tengoku works great on SKY3DS with Firmware above 9.6

New sky3ds

The sky3ds latest template adds one famous Japanese game-Rhythm Tengoku and we have tested that the Rhythm Tengoku can works well on sky3ds with firmware above 9.6

1. Download the sky3ds DiskWriter V2.02b and sky3ds template file [06/12/2015].
2. Write the Rhythm Tengoku to  your Micro sd card and insert the sky3ds with sd card to your 3DS console(Version above 9.6)

3. Turn on your 3DS console and enjoy your games-Rhythm Tengoku

Noting: The Rhythm Tengoku can only works on the 3DS console version above 9.6.
As the Rhythm Tengoku is a Japanese game. If you console is not Japanese version, and please view this post:
SKY3DS works well with RegionFOUR