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Does Etrian Odyssey V(JAP) work on sky3ds+ card

Etrian Odyssey V

Etrian Odyssey V(Sekaiju no Meikyuu V – Nagaki Shinwa no Hate) is a role-playing game, developed and published by Atlus. It has been released for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on August 4. This game is set in the unknown new land of “Arcadia,” with four different races: the “Earthrun,” “Lunaria,” “Therian,” and “Bronie.” Besides, the classes characters can have have been completely changed. And the degree of freedom for character creation has been further enhanced.

Does Etrian Odyssey V(JAP) work on sky3ds+ card? Yes, just download the rom file and copy it to microSD card. Insert microSD card to sky3ds+ and insert sky3ds+ card to 3DS. Boot your 3DS and game icon of Etrian Odyssey V(JAP) appears. If you played the demon version of this game previously, you can load the record and continue to play it now. For 3DS(US/EUR) users, you can install freackyhax to play this Japanese version 3ds game.


2016 Popular Nintendo 3DS games recommendation

Now 3DS video games are popular. Nintendo official team released many popular and fantastic 3ds games, from Monster Hunter X in 2015 to Youkai Sangokushi this year. In this post, we will introduce you the most popular 3ds games in 2016.

① Monster Hunter X


This game with Japanese version has been launcher in last winter. It has new special attacks known as “Hunting Arts” and users can choose four hunting style. The new village in this game called Verma Village , the other three return from previous titles. It will have four four new signature monsters along with a number of past flagship monsters. The US and EU version will be released on July 15, 2016.
Sky3ds+ can support Monster Hunter X

② Hyrule Warriors Legends


Hyrule Warriors Legends with US version has been released on March 24. The 3ds games adds featuring characters from The Wind Waker:Tetra, King Daphnes and Toon Link. There is also adventure mode new map for characters from The Wind Waker. The other content is similar with WiiU version.
Sky3ds+ can support Zelda Musou – Hyrule All-Stars / Hyrule Warriors Legends

③ Shin Megami Tensei IV-Final


This game with Japanese version has been launched on February 10. Shin Megami Tensei IV-Final takes place in the 203X. In order to protect Tokyo from damage, a great rock dome was created.While it protected Tokyo, resources became progressively scarcer over the following years, while angels and demons ruled over the human population.
Sky3ds+ can support Shin Megami Tensei IV-Final

④ Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3


This game with Japanese version has been launched on March 24. It is the newest game of Dragon Quest Monsters series. Players will be able to ride on the 500 different monsters that populate the game world. There will be new sysytem and monsters.
Sky3ds+ can support Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3

⑤ Youkai Sangokushi


This game has been launcher on has April 2. It is a collaborative between Koei and Level-5. Yo-kai Sangokushi is a cross-over between Yo-kai Watch and Koei’s long-running Romance of the Three Kingdoms.Players who have purchased a physical copy of the game will receive special Commander Legendary Medal for Komasan.
Youkai Sangokushi works great with sky3ds+

⑥Bravely Second: End Layer


This game with US version has been launched on April 15. It is the new games of Bravely series and reuses the battle system implemented in Bravely Default. The combat with sword and magic will begin.
Sky3ds+ can support Bravely Second: End Layer directly

⑦ Kirby – Planet Robobot


This game with Japanese version has been launched on April 28. In this game. Kirby has the ability of changing and he can equip himself with large robotic bodies. The game includes with it a multiplayer mode called “Team Kirby Clash” where up to four players can equip themselves with various Copy Abilities and powers reminiscent of character classes in most RPGs, before cooperating to defeat large bosses.
Sky3ds+ can support Kirby – Planet Robobot directly

⑧Gyakuten Saiban 6


This game with Japanese version will be released on June 9. It takes place in mysterious country which has temple beliving the soul of deads. It is equipped with new system and water mirror. In water mirror, it will show images and words which will give clues about issue.

Sky3ds orange button can play all these popular 3ds games. You can need one sky3ds+ to all the games. There is no need to buy the genuine cartiridges from time to time.

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Where to download sky3ds free 3ds games?


Where to download free 3ds games for sky3ds? It is always a question for many sky3ds new users. They also  find information on google and couldnot find the right websites to download the 3ds games they want. In this post, we will introduce you some websites which you can download the latest 3ds roms for sky3ds.

Before you download 3ds roms, please make sure that sky3ds team has added the 3ds rom data to their template file. Then you can get the 3ds games and then flash them to your microSD card. If the 3ds rom data is not in the sky3ds template file, you cannot play this gams with sky3ds directly.


This site always released the latest 3ds and ds games in the first time, and you can doanload the 3ds roms for your sky3ds directly.


It is a game forum which you need to register first. Then you can find the 3ds games you want. There are the newest 3ds and ds games users shared.