Sky3ds VS Other Flashcards

3DS Flashcard Comparison: Sky3ds and Gateway 3DS

3DS Flashcart comparison chart
Gateway 3ds Sky3ds
3DS / XL Yes (v4.1-v9.2) Yes (all versions)
2DS Yes (v6.0-v9.2) Yes (all versions)
N3DS Yes (with some extra requirements) Yes (all versions)
Expandable Memory Micro SD(XC)
Micro SD(XC)
SD Slot Top Top
Spring loaded Yes & No No
USB Slot No No
LED Yes Yes
FPGA Upgradeable Yes Unknown
Region free Yes No
Software compatibility
ROM Yes Yes
Retail cartridge Yes Yes new packing
E-shop 3DS games Yes No
E-shop VC games (not GBA) Yes No
E-shop GBA VC games No No
Image written ROM mode Yes Yes
File system ROM mode (FAT32) Yes
Split 4GB+ ROM
File system ROM mode (exFAT) Yes No
SDK5+ ROM Yes Yes
SDK7+ Yes Yes
Card2-type games (ROM) Yes Yes
Card2-type games (Retail Cartridge) Yes N/A
Card2 Converted to Card1-type games (ROM) Yes Unknown
EmuNAND Yes (up to 9.9) No
EmuNAND 8+ Yes
Flashcart required
EmuNAND 9.6+ on New 3DS No N/A
eShop Yes Yes
Homebrew Yes No
Software Features
Region free (ROM) Yes No
Region free (Retail Cartridge) • 2.0b2 mod
by Normmatt
• 2.0 Omega
Update partition spoofing (ROM) Yes No
Update partition spoofing
(Retail Cartridge)
No N/A
Manual Savegame Backup Card1 type only Unknown
Real Time Savegame Backup •Card2 type only
•Save in the ROM
Local Play Yes Unknown
Online (ROM) Yes Yes
Online (Retail Cartridge) Yes N/A
Dump Retail Cartridges Yes No
Cartridge Savegame backup/restore Yes No
Cartridge & ROM Savegame crossover .3dz with the
same Unique ID
Cheatcode support No No
NAND Dump support Yes No
NAND Restore support Yes No
Downgrade support Yes (3DS only) No
Is a clone or a re-brand No No
Possible Rip-off clones* Yes Yes
Gateway 3ds Sky3ds
* Rip-off clones: Whether clones of this cart exist. This line doesn’t reflect if this cart is a clone of another one, but if you have chances to buy a cloned (rip-off) one instead of the expected product. For example if different manufacturers are selling a card with the same name.
* eShop access: Not working anymore since May 13th 2014 if your EmuNAND version is not updated to the latest system menu and eshop version. Online games are still working on old system menu version, but only if you don’t need to download an update.
* Cartridge support: Not possible to launch EmuNAND Classic with R4i/3DSLink/Orange3DS on latest version.
* EmuNAND: Not possible to create a new EmuNAND dump with R4i/3DSLink/Orange3DS on latest version. Existing emuNAND will still be used automatically at launch.
* Region Free: Possible on 2DS, 3DS, and 3DS XL with a system menu version lower than 9.4 using smealum’s RegionThree, Or on N3DS/3DS/2DS on 9.2 or 9.7 using smealum’s RegionFour.

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Compare to gateway 3ds, what’s SKY3DS advantages?

Is Sky3DS the first card that can play 3DS ROMs on the Nintendo 3DS consoles – NO! So how does it compare to the earlier successful attempts of hacking N3DS , especially compare to the most powerful one 3DS card Gateway 3DS ?

gateway-3ds-vs-sky3dsSky3ds still can be said as a new 3ds flashcard,  it has been less than two months from it came out, it already been a hot topic on most game forums. What discussed most is  the difference between sky3ds and gateway 3ds. Of course, most players are gateway fans cuz the card has already been 1 year, they always keep updating news, work hard to meet the player’s expectation, successfully get their trust, that’s all reasonable!

Back to comparison of Gateway and Sky3DS.

How is Sky3DS better than Gateway 3DS?

  • Sky3DS works on the latest model 3DS consoles with the newest firmware update – V9.4.0-21U/E/J and above where as GW3DS requires an older 3DS that has not been updated passed firmware 4.5
  • Support all New 3DS / 3DS LL & XL and the budget version 2DS where as GW3DS works only on the original 3DS
  • Sky3DS flash cards support eShop game backups and online gameplay

How is Gateway 3DS better than Sky3DS

  • Games can be selected from a nice menu on 3DS and you don’t have to cycle them via a physical button on the cartridge that can brake.
  • There is no limit on the number or 3DS rom games that you can have on the Gateway 3DS – Sky3DS limits the games to just 10 per card.
  • GW3DS has an established team or engineers and programmers that brings innovation to the scene and is known to update and support the flash cards so that they work with the latest games like Pokemon and Smash Bros when they come out.
  • Gateway 3DS supports 3DS Homebrew and running 3rd party unsigned code on the N3DS.

And as a new 3ds flashcard,  considering with its advantages , i  summarize 5 reasons to get one sky3ds card if you want to play 3D games:

Reason 1:  No Version Limitation Anymore

The first one also is the most important one, sky3ds card is the world first flashcard to crack 3DS 6.x/7.x/8.x/9.x, no version issues at all. No matter what’s your console version is, it can support great. No need to operate complicated crack instructions, just plug and play.  And it support the latest new 3DS console version 9.4.0-21, also the only one card in the world to support it. And we guess that when the 3DS v9.5.0-21 released, it is most likely to continue to support it.

Reason 2:  No Game Limitation Anymore

We all know that the first batch of sky3ds card has the 10 game limit, after one month, the limit disappeared, all sky3ds card has no game limit anymore, means you can download N games to play as long as your SD card has enough capacity to put these 3ds game roms.

Reason 3:  Supports Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire!

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire are the latest two famous 3D games, sky3ds card can support playing it greatly. It is also the first flashcard to support it!

Reason 4:  Supports Multi-Roms

It can be easily to think, cuz sky3ds card has no game limit,  so it definitely can support multi-roms. When you use the card to play games and want to change to other games, only just need to press the blue button on it, very simple !

Reason 5:  Supports eShop and online game.

Sky3ds  adopts a different way to crack compare to other 3ds flashcards,  it works just like a genuine real 3d card to play 3D games, so it support eShop and online game.