Ninjhax 2.6 sky3ds+

Sky3ds+ orange button can play Bravely Second: End Layer US directly.

Bravely Second: End Layer for the Nintendo 3DS in North America has been released by Nintendo in April 17th. It is a role-playing video game developed by Silicon Studio and reuses the battle system implemented in Bravely Default.

We download Bravely Second: End Layer US from 3dsiso and the rom is over 4GB. As the format of your microSD card for sky3ds+ is Fat32 whose each file must be  smaller than 4GB. So the rom can not be put into your microSD card directly. You need to trim the rom file through 3dsexplorer and  it will be 2.5G after trimmed.

We test Bravely Second: End Layer US with sky3ds+ orange button on 3DS 10.7.0-32J. As there is a game region block with sky3ds+, we use ninjhax 2.6 and Cubic Ninja to play US version 3ds game-Bravely Second: End Layer. It is glad to tell you that Bravely Second: End Layer US works well with sky3ds+ orange button.

Ninjhax 2.6 works well with SKY3DS+/SKY3DS on latest 3DS v10.6.0-31

Mr Smea released hax2.6 in github, the new feature is that you can return to home menu from homebrew launcher. Hax 2.6 can works well with 3DS 10.6.0-31.

Ninjhax team also released ninjhax 2.6, which can go to the homebrew launcher through copy of Cubic Ninja. Ninjhax 2.6 allows users to run many out-of-region 3ds roms. We tested that sky3ds+/ sky3ds can use ninjhax 2.6 to support out-of-region 3ds games on latest 3DS 10.6.0-31.
The user guide of ninjhax 2.6 is the same as ninjhax 2.0(you need to download the the latest “homebrew starter kit ” for ninjhax 2.6): Ninjhax 2.0 user guide.

Tips: If you want to use ninjhax 2.6 to run out-of-region 3ds games with sky3ds+, please click the region free launcher icon. Then you will find the icon of Cubic Ninja, press sky3ds+ orange button to switch games. Then remove your sky3ds+ completely from your console and then insert it again. The icon of out-of-region 3ds game will show.

As pictures show, we test ninjhax 2.6 with sky3ds+ on 3DS 10.6.0-31E. And the game: Fire Emblem If JP works well with sky3ds+ on 3DS 10.6.0-31E through ninjhax 2.6.

Oot3dhax also works well with 3DS10.6 which can arrive homebrew launcher through a copy of The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time.

Mr Smea think that browserhax/menuhax are not comatible with 10.6.
Browserhax -use the stock web browser to get homebrew running.
Menuhax- use home menu itself as a permanent entrypoint to get homebrew running.

About the new feature: retuen to home menu from homebrew launcher. ninjhax/oot3dhax and menuhax should works well with it. While browserhax is just with NEW3DS, but not OLD3DS.

He recommended that users should update your payload even if you do not need the new fearure because the hax 2.6 should fix some bugs. In order to improve the customer experience, it is better to update it.

Besides, the new features is still an experiment and is not stable now.