Pasta CFW 1.3(beta4)

SKY3DS can support Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer(CIA) with Pasta CFW 1.3(beta4)

Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer(JP)  was offered for sale on On July 30 which is really a classic and popular game. We have tested  with our sky3ds blue button and confirmed that when you install Pasta CFW 1.3(beta4), Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer(CIA) works well with sky3ds.

New/Old 3DS 4.1-9.2
Micro sd card (formatted)
3DS Micro SD card(formatted)
ROM of Cubic Ninja
Cia file of Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer(JP)

1. Download pasta  and extract it. Copy and paste all the files to  the root of your 3DS Micro SD card. And also copy the cia file of Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer(JP) to your 3DS Micro SD card.
2.  Run “the PastaCFW configurator” in folder pasta cfw1.3\PastaCFW+1.3+beta4\Pasta\PastaCFW configurator\Windows and then fill in the blank of disk(your 3DS Micro SD card) and your 3DS version. Then click”Download!” , there will be a notice when it finished.
3. Insert sky3ds with Cubic Ninja burnt to your 3DS conlsole, then turn on your 3DS and connect to the internet.
Go to and get the QR code which is compatible with your 3DS console version
4.  Run Cubic Ninja→EDIT→QR Code →read QR Code. When the scanning finished, there will be the homebrew launcher showing
Run Pasta CFW loader and  the 3DS console will return to menu interface. Plesae bootup Cubic Ninja  and go to the homebrew launcher again.
Press L+A button to run Pasta CFW loader, you will go to the menu of Pasta CFW.

5. Select the first icon”Give me some pasta” in this menu and run it which will be back to homebrew. Then run FBI and then install “BigBlueMenu.cia”Go to the  menu of Pasta CFW again as step4 and Select “options” -Enable FirmLaunch(Chane to yes by left/right buttons)-A(save).

6. The homebrew will load by itself and the icon”DEVMEN” appearing. Run the DEVMEN and install the cia rom. When it finished, the game  icon of Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer appearing
7. Please enjoy Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer freely.Tips:
Once you failed to install the “BigBlueMenu.cia” of FBI, please access to the previous post to solve this problem
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