How to build a new game header information file ( the pre-file for a template) ?

Sky3ds team do not update the template file for several month, as most of 3ds games newly released are in AP chekcs. However, there still some non AP checks 3ds games. As there games titles’ header information are not included in template file, you can not write the 3ds games to your microSD card.

So how can we edit the template data by ourselves and play the non Ap 3ds checks games which are not included in sky3ds template? You need to build a new game header information file(( the pre-file for a template)) which is necessary for making your own template file for sky3ds card

1. Download”” , extract it and open “WinHex tool.exe” in the folder
Select option: “File”->”Open” to load the game rom.03
2. You can see the hexadecimal code of this rom. Press key “Alt”+”G”, imput 1150
and click “OK”;

The cursor will go to the line 1150, you will see CTR-P in the end of this line which
means this game can be wrote normally. Otherwise, you rom should be imcomplate
or you can not write this game for sky3ds blue button.

3. Press key “Alt”+”G” again, and imput 4010 and click “OK” to go to line4010;

Press key “Shift”+”Ctrl”+”End”, you will select the code after line 4010;07
Press key “Delect” and click “Yes” to delect these code.

If the size of deleted data over than 20MB , will show  window notice and  just
click “OK” to confirm.

4. Then you will see the last line is 04000;
select “File”->”Save As…” and name the save pre-file as “.3ds” format


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