Nintendo 3DS10.6

All 3DS homebrew still support the latest firmware v10.6.0-31?

Nintendo 3DS V10.6.0-31 released, and all the flashcard  such as sky3ds+ orange button/sky3ds that support 3DS10.5 can also work well with 3DSv10.6.0-31. How about the 3ds homebrew? Do they still can support the latest firmware.

According to Mr smea’s twitter and the users from gbatemp, we know that most of the 3ds homebrew can support 3DSv10.6.0-31 with updated payload, except Browserhax and Menuhax.

Browserhax= DEAD on 10.6 firmware. All systems.

Menuhax= DEAD on 10.6 firmware. All systems.

OoT3Dhax= WORKING on 10.6 firmware with updated payload.

Ninjhax= WORKING on 10.6 firmware with updated payload.



NTR Plugin= WORKING (Confirmed on Gateway & ReiNAND)

Mr smea recommend that users do not update with Menuhax/ Browserhax if you are on the firmware version10.5. So you are using 3ds homebrew, please be careful when updating your 3DS console

SKY3DS+ can support the latest 3DSV10.6.0-31 without any block

Nintendo 3DS newest firmware updated today-3DSV10.6.0-31. There is still no much changes like it was. The user experience has been enhanced and the system becomes more stable.

As usual, sky3ds team announces that SKY3DS+ can suppot the newest 3DSV10.6.0-31. We have upgrade our 3DS console to VV10.6.0-31J, and test it with sky3ds+ orange button. we find that the latest 3ds firmware do not block sky3ds+. We test sky3ds+ with Mario Kart7 and here are the pictures which shows Mario Kart7 working well on 3DSV10.6.0-31.

Version 10.6.0-31U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

* It’s confirmed! SKY3DS/SKY3DS+ can support the newest 3DSV10.6.0-31 (02/23/2016)

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