How to use sky3ds+ to play 3ds roms over 4GB

We have introduced you sky3ds+ introduction how to play 3ds roms with sky3ds plus in the last post.  We all konw that the microSD card for sky3ds+ should be formatted to FAT32 in Windows. And the maximun storage for file is 4GB. So if the rom you want to play is over 4GB, you need to trim it and then place it to the microSD card.

3dsexplorer_v1.5.3_mod (ROM Tool 3.1_3DSGuy)

1. Download the 3dsexplorer_v1.5.3_mod (ROM Tool 3.1_3DSGuy) and exact it. Open the file”3DSExplorer.exe”
2. Click ‘File ->OPEN  and then choose the .3ds file you need to trim.
3. Click CCI->Trim CCI , and then you will find the 3ds rom has become smaller.




  1. i just tried it and now im coping it to my sky3ds+, hope it works…… by the way, why take does it take so long to copy the files??

  2. Hello, Could you help me please? How can I find a .3ds file after download a toorent using the program utorrent? After download the file doen’t become a .3ds file, so its not ready to plug and play.


  3. This worked super smooth. it was extremely easy to trim brafely default to fit my sky3ds

  4. For anyone wondering, I used this for the Pokemon Sun and Moon rom and it worked. The 3ds file should be reduced to 3.2GB. I have to wait about 5 hours for it to download onto my microSD card ;_: but you might have a faster connection than me! Good luck and Pokemon ON!

    1. Oh, I just solved my problem about it taking 5 hours to load onto the 3ds microSD. Make sure you use a different SDHC card. The 3ds flashcard was not made to process a download quickly. Just use a regular SDHC card then, you know.. transfer the microSD to the 3ds flashcard! If you use the 3ds flashcard it will be at 355kb per second. If you use a regular SDHC card it will be at 8-10Mbs per second. HUGE DIFFERENCE. One takes 5-7 hours and the other takes 5-6 minutes!!

  5. Hello…
    I have tried but still cant play, after i entered my sky3ds card with monster hunter 4 games into n3ds it didnt showup….help please….

      1. thanx for the reply…the sky army knife is good tool…but sadly after i trim it still My SKY3DS+ flashcard wont read it….maybe the rom i downloaded is broken…

  6. It takes so long to copy the games because it’s quicker o take the SD card out of the sky3ds & put it in a USB3 card reader… that skycard usb connection is USB1 I think

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