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SKY3DS can support 3DSV 10.3.0-28 U/E/J/K directly

Nintendo 3DSv10.3.0-28U come out and this update also aims at overall system stability with much changed. And we have upddate our 3DS to v10.3.0-28J  and tested with some 3ds roms. And it is glad to tell you that sky3ds can works well on 3DSv10.3.0-28U.

Version 10.3.0-28U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

* It’s confirmed! SKY3DS can support the newest 3DS V10.3.0-28!(11/10/2015)

For homebrew launcher, Mr smea confirmed that ninjhax/ironhax confirmed working fine on 10.3, which means Ninjhax2.5 works well with sky3ds on 3DS10.3.0-28 and you can still enjoy games region free.

SKY3DS using ninjhax2.5 access to eshop and GBA emulator on 3D10.2

Ninjhax2.5– the new version of ninjhax come out with several powerful functions. Here are the new functions:
①Support 3DSv9.0-10.2
②regionFIVE(play games region free)
③eShop spoofing
⑤Support games language changing
⑥Access to GBA emulator and support GBA games.

Cubic Ninja rom
3DS SD card
one miro sd card
some 3ds roms and gba roms
homebrew starter kit

1. Download homebrew starter kit and unzip all the files to the root of your 3DS SD card.
2. Install the ninjhax2.5 with sky3ds on your 3DS console. Please follow the instruction of Ninjhax 2.0 works well with SKY3DS on FW9.0-9.9. The homebrew launcher will load.
Tip:①. If you want to exit the homebrew launcher, please press Start and then press A.
②. The wifi and scaning QR Code is necessary when you go to the homebrew launcher in the first time, and there are no need to use them longer later.

eShop spoofing
Turn on your wifi and select the “eshop” in the homebrew launcher to go to eshop.

Access to GBA emulator and support GBA games.
Select “mgba” in the homebrew launcher and then selcet the gba games to enjoy it.
Press X to export menu
Press Y to zoom in and out the screen

①Press “Hans”in the homebrew launcher, and press left and right buttons to change to the games, and then press A;
②If the games are in the same region, please click “OK” and then press A;
③press Home to screenshot the pictures you like;
④press R+L+down+B to exit to homebrew launcher;
⑤selcet “Screenshot tool” in homebrew launcher, press A to extract screenshots.
⑥ The following pitures are the screenshots

Tips: The screenshots are in screenshots files of your 3DS SD card.

SKY3DS new template file released with new 3ds games.

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2015 Digitopz Halloween Promotions
Date: 10.23-11.2
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Sky3ds teams released new template file with several latest Japanese 3ds games:

* Sky3DS updated template file [10/22/2015]
Change logs:
1.Fixed some bugs.
2.Added game:
CTR-P-BSGJ2F13 =1332 – Asonde Shogi ga Kyoukunaru! Kane Hoshi Shogi DX JP
CTR-P-BKQJ48D3 =1333 – Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! Game Demo Kyun Moe MAX ga Tomara Nai JP
CTR-P-BTYJDB23 =1334 – Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen Tabi – Yui Rail-Hen JP
CTR-P-AULJF540 =1345 – Atelier Deco la Doll Collection JP

Confirmed! SKY3DS can support 3DS V10.2.0-28U/E/J/K directly

Nintendo 3DSV10.2.0-28 came out and the nintendo team donot change much on this firmware since nintendo constantly aims to improve the functionality of its systems and services in order to provide the easiest, most user-friendly experience possible.

SKY3DS team has announced that sky3ds can support newest 3DS V10.2.0-28. Our own 3DS has been updated to 3DS10.2.0-28J  and testing with our sky3ds flashcard blue button, sky3ds works well on the latest firmware.

* It’s confirmed! SKY3DS can support newest 3DS V10.2.0-28!(10/20/2015)

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