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SKY3DS(blue button) updated new template, supporting Dragon Quest VII and Yo-Kai Watch 2


After five months, Sky3ds team releases a new template and adds five 3ds games for playing. The very popular 3ds games recently Dragon Quest VII(E/U) and Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits/Fleshy Souls(USA) are included in new template file, and it means sky3ds users can play these games directly with blue button sky3ds on NEW3DS/3DS/2DS.
Please do not worry, we have tested and confirmed that the five 3ds games work well with sky3ds blue button.
We tested on 3DSv10.7.0-32J and run region free launcher to play these games via Ninjhax 2.7. Users having US region 3DS can use sky3ds blue button to play Dragon Quest VII(E/U), Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits/Fleshy Souls(USA) and River City: Tokyo Rumble (USA) without any issue.

Here are Pictures proved the news
SKY3DS supports Dragon Quest VII(E/U)dav
Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits/Fleshy Souls(USA) works with sky3dssdr
River City: Tokyo Rumble (USA) works on sky3dsdav

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How to build a new game header information file ( the pre-file for a template) ?

Sky3ds team do not update the template file for several month, as most of 3ds games newly released are in AP chekcs. However, there still some non AP checks 3ds games. As there games titles’ header information are not included in template file, you can not write the 3ds games to your microSD card.

So how can we edit the template data by ourselves and play the non Ap 3ds checks games which are not included in sky3ds template? You need to build a new game header information file(( the pre-file for a template)) which is necessary for making your own template file for sky3ds card

1. Download”” , extract it and open “WinHex tool.exe” in the folder
Select option: “File”->”Open” to load the game rom.03
2. You can see the hexadecimal code of this rom. Press key “Alt”+”G”, imput 1150
and click “OK”;

The cursor will go to the line 1150, you will see CTR-P in the end of this line which
means this game can be wrote normally. Otherwise, you rom should be imcomplate
or you can not write this game for sky3ds blue button.

3. Press key “Alt”+”G” again, and imput 4010 and click “OK” to go to line4010;

Press key “Shift”+”Ctrl”+”End”, you will select the code after line 4010;07
Press key “Delect” and click “Yes” to delect these code.

If the size of deleted data over than 20MB , will show  window notice and  just
click “OK” to confirm.

4. Then you will see the last line is 04000;
select “File”->”Save As…” and name the save pre-file as “.3ds” format


How to create your own template file for the blue button sky3DS card?

As sky3ds template file has not been updated for long time and some of 3ds roms(non
Ap checks) newly released can not be play with sky3ds blue button. As the rom
header can not be added in time.

In this post, we will tell you the instruction of creating your own template file for  blue button sky3ds card. Then you can play non AP checks 3ds games with
sky3ds freely. We use Yo-Kai Watch as example.

Firstly, you need to build a game header information file( the pre-file for a template). Please follow this post: How to build a new game header information file ( the pre-file for a template) 

1. Download “” and extract it. You will get two files:
GenerateTemplate.exe , Parse.bat. 14
2. Copt the 3ds rom pre-file to the same directory with
GenerateTemplate.exe and Parse.bat.15
3. Run Parse.bat file and there will be a new file generated “parsed.txt”17
4. Open “parsed.txt”, you will see the 3ds rom header.
Tips;You put two/three 3ds rom header save files, you will get two/three 3ds roms

5.Open template file and copy 3ds rom header to the end of template.txt. Save it and
then you can play the 3ds roms with your sky3ds+ blue button.

This instruction can be only replied to 3ds games with non AP checks. If it is the 3ds
games with AP checks, you can not run it even it has been flashed to your microSD
card. If you want to play AP checks 3ds games newly released, please use sky3ds+
orange button. Sky3ds+ can play all the newest 3ds games without diskwriter and

Rhythm Tengoku works great on SKY3DS with Firmware above 9.6

New sky3ds

The sky3ds latest template adds one famous Japanese game-Rhythm Tengoku and we have tested that the Rhythm Tengoku can works well on sky3ds with firmware above 9.6

1. Download the sky3ds DiskWriter V2.02b and sky3ds template file [06/12/2015].
2. Write the Rhythm Tengoku to  your Micro sd card and insert the sky3ds with sd card to your 3DS console(Version above 9.6)

3. Turn on your 3DS console and enjoy your games-Rhythm Tengoku

Noting: The Rhythm Tengoku can only works on the 3DS console version above 9.6.
As the Rhythm Tengoku is a Japanese game. If you console is not Japanese version, and please view this post:
SKY3DS works well with RegionFOUR