Month: April 2016

How to install supermysterychunkhax, new 3DS exploit for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon?


One new 3DS exploit released- supermysterychunkhax from a new 3DS Developer
Shinyquagsire. It uses a savegame of Super Mystery Dungeon Pokemon, which will
allow you to run the *hax services on your 3DS.

In order to install the savegame, it is necessary to have a existing homebrew:
browser hax, Smash Bros or Cubic Ninja. Supermysterychunkhax is compatible with
3DS firmware >=9.9 for US and JPN, >=10.2 for EUR. It is useful for those of you
who want to create such a cartridge, as a “backup” way to load your favorite
exploits. An important festure of supermysterychunkhax is that it can be self-
updated withouth running the installer again.


New/Old 3DS(>=9.9 for US and JPN, >=10.2 for EUR)
homebrew starter kit
3DS SD card
MicroSD card
Cubic Ninja

Step 1: Download the homebrew starter kit and ,extract the folders. Copy all the files
to the root directory of your 3DS SD card.
Step 2: Use sky3ds+ to run Cubic Ninja and install ninjhax 2.7. Go to the
Homebrew Launcher.

Step 3: You will find the icon for supermysterychunkhax installer, press the icon to install
it.In the installer you will be prompted to select the appropriate version for the
system and then the selected exploit version will be downloaded and installed.

Step 4: After completes, you will go to Homebrew Launcher again. Select
supermysterychunkhax installer and press button A, you will get the “reboot”icon like the picture.

Step 5: Select reboot and press button A. You will go to supermysterychunkhax


Notice:After you install supermysterychunkhax. all your existing savegame data will
be wiped. And the original game will not be able to be used while
supermysterychunkhax is installed. So you need to back up the samegame before install the exploit.

Updating and Removal

Supermysterychunkhax includes a payload which allows the *hax payload to be
updated in the event that a system update is released, without requiring the
installer to be run again. To access this functionality, hold SELECT while the game is
loading and you will be taken to a menu. In this menu, select Update *hax payload
and select the version of the *hax payload you wish to install, and then press A to
have it downloaded and installed to the savegame.

In the event that you wish to return the cartridge to it’s original cleared save state,
you can also select Clear savegame and your save will be wiped.

Sky3ds+ orange button can play Bravely Second: End Layer US directly.

Bravely Second: End Layer for the Nintendo 3DS in North America has been released by Nintendo in April 17th. It is a role-playing video game developed by Silicon Studio and reuses the battle system implemented in Bravely Default.

We download Bravely Second: End Layer US from 3dsiso and the rom is over 4GB. As the format of your microSD card for sky3ds+ is Fat32 whose each file must be  smaller than 4GB. So the rom can not be put into your microSD card directly. You need to trim the rom file through 3dsexplorer and  it will be 2.5G after trimmed.

We test Bravely Second: End Layer US with sky3ds+ orange button on 3DS 10.7.0-32J. As there is a game region block with sky3ds+, we use ninjhax 2.6 and Cubic Ninja to play US version 3ds game-Bravely Second: End Layer. It is glad to tell you that Bravely Second: End Layer US works well with sky3ds+ orange button.

Youkai Sangokushi works great with SKY3DS+

Youkai Sangokushi-one famous Japanese 3DS rom released by Level 5 on April 2nd. Sky3ds+ can play this game directly. If you meet .3ds.bad file problem, please download the game from more reliable sources. Please notice that the sky3ds can only support the 3ds games which dumped by the original retail game card, no modified and edited.

We have tested Youkai Sangokushi Jan with sky3ds+ on 3DS10.7.0-31 and it works without any problem. And if your 3DS console is US/EUR version, you need to install ninjhax2.6 through a US/EUR version Cubic Ninja on your dervice. Then you can play Youkai Sangokushi Jan on your 3DS.

Buy sky3ds+orange button from reliable and official reseller: