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Best MicroSD cards that work on Sky3DS!

Recently, all kinds of SKY3ds game problems occured, but according to most players said, if they changed one MicroSD card to try again, the problems disappeared then the card worked well, game roms could be cycled smoothly. Combined what people say, here are some advice for you to choose the best SD card to work for SKy3DS:

One player said: “I bought a blue button Sky3DS a few days ago with a new ADATA 128Gb microSD card. Put a few games on it & tried playing on the 2DS & I was able to play only the first game I loaded up. The Sky3DS would just flash the blue LED constantly the entire time no matter what I had tried. So I decided to grab my Sandisk 8Gb microSD card & load up some games. It worked perfectly as it should.

Not sure if this makes a difference or not but also I am using the latest downloads from the Sky3DS website for DiskWriter & the template.
DiskWriter V1.05
Template V01.05


This person having the same issue :

“32gb sdhc San disk extreme is what my gf uses its perfect and I use a 64gb sdxc San disk ultra also perfect but it takes a second longer to switch games than hers”
“Sandisk 32gb cards Class 10 on mine and my wifes SKy3ds’… flawless “
“Changed my micro sd card to a lexar and I’m having no issues at all. Able to cycle through all the game slots perfectly fine. Appears to be a problem with kingston cards.”
So it is appearing Sandisk so far is the best choice. And it won’t work on Kingston card. Samsung also is OK.

How to Solve Sky3ds Error on Super Smash Bros?

Some guys said :” I recently purchased Sky3ds and a 3DS XL running 9.4.0-21U, I have transfered couple of games following the guides posted online and even though they are detected by 3DS I am unable to play them. When I try to start the game I get an error , “The game card was removed “. Any help will be appreciated. ”

If you also met the game problems when you play Super Smash Bros, the follow content may help you to resolve the problem:

sky3ds no game limit001This is for those people having issue with the red button sky3ds card using eeprom=no.
I found that in order for super smash brother to work in eeprom=no, you need to hold the button of sky3ds card for 5 second 2 time. This is a workaround method. May work for me but may not work for you.

Once super smash brother game appear in your home screen, a blink will appear. Quickly hold the sky3ds button for 5 second and if done correctly, it will blink in a slow and steady way as in debug mode. The speed of the blinking light is not the same as the switching game fast blinking. Click button “A” to launch the game. While both screen turn black. The slow blinking light will off. Once both screen slowly lighted up without any image or word, the blinking light of the sky3ds card will light up. Quickly hold button of the card for a while and release button when both screen still lighted. If done correctly, the blinking light will blink in slow and steady way. Now just pray and if done correctly, the super smash brother loading screen icon will load on upper screen. Remember to be patience as super smash brother need a while for it to load even if you write as eeprom=yes. This method may work with game like kid Icarus and maybe those game that come out with error game card removed.

To prevent save corruption, remember to do a in game save and press home button to exit out. It normal for the smash brother to take some time to exit out, be patience.Then press button “x” to close the game. Press and enter setting and immediately exit out from setting to the home screen. Now press button of the card to switch to the next game. Once the next game appear, you can power off the 3ds.

Worth to take a shot, hope can help you.