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Does SKY3DS+ support Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki(JAP) directly?

Yo-Kai Watch 3  Sukiyaki.jpg

Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki is a new role-playing video game which has been developed and published by Level 5 for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on Dec 15, 2016. It is the subsequent versions of Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi/Tempura. The story of this work will be linked to Yo-kai Watch Movie. There will be many new Yo-kai added, including some new & Sukiyaki Exclusive Yo-kai.

Does sky3ds+ orange button support Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki(JAP) directly or needs a new firmware like Pokemon Sun/Moon. After testing, we can tell you that Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki(JAP) works well with sky3ds+ on N3DS/O3DS/2DS

Get 3ds Rom of Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki(JAP) and copy ROM to microSD card. Boot up your 3DS console and insert sky3ds+ card. The game icon will show and now you can enjoy the game.


SKY3DS+card Supports 3DS Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP(JAP)?


Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP has been lovingly recreated for today’s expectations on 3DS scene. This classic game has been released in Japan for Nintendo 3DS on 27 October.

We get 3ds rom Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP(JAP) and test it on sky3ds+ orange button card on 3DSv11.2.0-3J. There is no doubt that sky3ds+ support 3ds Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP(JAP) without any problem.


In this work, player needs to control the role to fight with evil forces. Aside from the new details to sprites, updated graphics, and smoother animations exhibiting an additional level of complexity, a wealth of added extra features are now available. There are many new techniques and combos, as well as unseen Special Moves. The most important features of this work are consecutive attacks which allow players to extend their combos to overpowering levels, and new battlemode: Fighting of Double Dragon 2016.


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Does orange button sky3ds+ support Monster Hunter Stories(JAP)?


Monster Hunter Stories- the most famous 3ds game in October has been released. Monster Hunter Stories is a role-play video game which is developed and published by Capcom and it has been released in Japan for Nintendo 3DS on October 8, 2016. In this work, players can incubate different monsters as partners from eggs and fight. It is glad to tell you that orange button sky3ds+ works well with 3DS Monster Hunter Stories(JAP)

Got 3ds rom of Monster Hunter Stories(JAP) and copy rom to microSD card. Insert sky3ds+ with microSD card to 3DS. We use 3DSv11.1.0-34J to test this game on sky3ds+. There is no doubt that 3DS Monster Hunter Stories(JAP) works with sky3ds+ without any problem.

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Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura works with orange button sky3ds+ card

Yo-Kai Watch 3

Great news! Two new games players expected have been released in Japan for Nintendo 3ds developed and published by Level 5 on July 16. They are new games of famous Yo-Kai Watch series-Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura

The story of Yo-Kai Watch 3 takes place in America. Nathan Adams(Amano Keita) will also adventure with his friends and meet with new Yo-kai. The name also adds new Yo-kai in the game and a new Legendary Yo-kai, called “Merican Legendary Yo-kai”. There is new character Inaho Mizora and she forms a Yo-kai Detective team.

We download Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi rom and find the rom is over 4gb. We trim the rom with 3dsexplorer_v1.5.3_mod. Then copy the trimmed rom to microSD card. Insert sky3ds+ card to 3DSv11.0.0-33J and run the game without any problem. Here are the proof pictures:

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Yo-Kai Watch 3(1)Yo-Kai Watch 3(2)

2016 Popular Nintendo 3DS games recommendation

Now 3DS video games are popular. Nintendo official team released many popular and fantastic 3ds games, from Monster Hunter X in 2015 to Youkai Sangokushi this year. In this post, we will introduce you the most popular 3ds games in 2016.

① Monster Hunter X


This game with Japanese version has been launcher in last winter. It has new special attacks known as “Hunting Arts” and users can choose four hunting style. The new village in this game called Verma Village , the other three return from previous titles. It will have four four new signature monsters along with a number of past flagship monsters. The US and EU version will be released on July 15, 2016.
Sky3ds+ can support Monster Hunter X

② Hyrule Warriors Legends


Hyrule Warriors Legends with US version has been released on March 24. The 3ds games adds featuring characters from The Wind Waker:Tetra, King Daphnes and Toon Link. There is also adventure mode new map for characters from The Wind Waker. The other content is similar with WiiU version.
Sky3ds+ can support Zelda Musou – Hyrule All-Stars / Hyrule Warriors Legends

③ Shin Megami Tensei IV-Final


This game with Japanese version has been launched on February 10. Shin Megami Tensei IV-Final takes place in the 203X. In order to protect Tokyo from damage, a great rock dome was created.While it protected Tokyo, resources became progressively scarcer over the following years, while angels and demons ruled over the human population.
Sky3ds+ can support Shin Megami Tensei IV-Final

④ Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3


This game with Japanese version has been launched on March 24. It is the newest game of Dragon Quest Monsters series. Players will be able to ride on the 500 different monsters that populate the game world. There will be new sysytem and monsters.
Sky3ds+ can support Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3

⑤ Youkai Sangokushi


This game has been launcher on has April 2. It is a collaborative between Koei and Level-5. Yo-kai Sangokushi is a cross-over between Yo-kai Watch and Koei’s long-running Romance of the Three Kingdoms.Players who have purchased a physical copy of the game will receive special Commander Legendary Medal for Komasan.
Youkai Sangokushi works great with sky3ds+

⑥Bravely Second: End Layer


This game with US version has been launched on April 15. It is the new games of Bravely series and reuses the battle system implemented in Bravely Default. The combat with sword and magic will begin.
Sky3ds+ can support Bravely Second: End Layer directly

⑦ Kirby – Planet Robobot


This game with Japanese version has been launched on April 28. In this game. Kirby has the ability of changing and he can equip himself with large robotic bodies. The game includes with it a multiplayer mode called “Team Kirby Clash” where up to four players can equip themselves with various Copy Abilities and powers reminiscent of character classes in most RPGs, before cooperating to defeat large bosses.
Sky3ds+ can support Kirby – Planet Robobot directly

⑧Gyakuten Saiban 6


This game with Japanese version will be released on June 9. It takes place in mysterious country which has temple beliving the soul of deads. It is equipped with new system and water mirror. In water mirror, it will show images and words which will give clues about issue.

Sky3ds orange button can play all these popular 3ds games. You can need one sky3ds+ to all the games. There is no need to buy the genuine cartiridges from time to time.

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Confirmed! Sky3ds+/sky3ds can support 3DS new update v11.0.0-33U

A big news shocks us. A new 3ds update comes out. Not v10.8 or 10.9, and it is v11.0.0-33U released. There is still not much changed with its changlog and we can not make sure which aspect nintendo try to block. So do not update your firmware version until there are confirmed news.

We test and confirmed that sky3ds+ orange button and sky3ds blue button can still support 3DS v11.0.0-33U the latest firmware version. If you just sue sky3ds+/sky3ds to play 3ds roms, you can update your 3DS without hesitation. Or you want to use Ninjhax to play other region games. Please do not update it now. Until their are confirmed news about the 3DS homebrew, then you can update the dervice.

Please notice that sky3ds+ and sky3ds are 3DS flashcards which can support 3ds games on the latest firmware. Other 3DS flashcards still can not support it.

GATEWAY 3DS (3DSv4.1-9.2)
MT-CARD (3DSv4.1-4.5)

Sky3ds+ can support Monste Hunter X on 3DSv11.0.0-33J


Sky3ds can support Super Mario on 3DSv11.0.0-33JIMG_0118


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SKY3DS+ can support Kirby – Planet Robobot JAP directly


Kirby – Planet Robobot was released in Japan on April 28, 2016, which is an action platformer video game published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. During the adventure, Kirby has the ability to switch between a set of two 2D planes, and the new feature has been added. Kirby can equip himself with large robotic bodies

We have download the rom and sky3ds+ orange button can play Kirby – Planet Robobot. We test with our 3DS v10.7.0-32J and here are some photos proving it.

Copy the rom to the microSD card and insert microSD card to sky3ds+. Insert sky3ds+ to your 3DS and boot up. The icon of Kirby – Planet Robobot will show and enjoy it.



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Youkai Sangokushi works great with SKY3DS+

Youkai Sangokushi-one famous Japanese 3DS rom released by Level 5 on April 2nd. Sky3ds+ can play this game directly. If you meet .3ds.bad file problem, please download the game from more reliable sources. Please notice that the sky3ds can only support the 3ds games which dumped by the original retail game card, no modified and edited.

We have tested Youkai Sangokushi Jan with sky3ds+ on 3DS10.7.0-31 and it works without any problem. And if your 3DS console is US/EUR version, you need to install ninjhax2.6 through a US/EUR version Cubic Ninja on your dervice. Then you can play Youkai Sangokushi Jan on your 3DS.

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SKY3DS+/SKY3DS can support the newest V10.7.0-32 without block

Nintendo 3DS newest firmware version 10.7.0-32 updated. Nintendo official team do not update some new function or block something and they still aim at improve system stability and enhance the user experience.

Once the new firmware updated, we have updated our 3DS console to V10.7.0-32J. We test sky3ds+ orange button with Fire Emblem If and sky3ds blue button with Super Mario. Sky3ds+ and sky3ds works well with the latest firmware V10.7.0-32 without any issue.

If you just enjoy 3ds games with sky3ds+/sky3ds without any homebrew, you can update your device freely. Or you enjoy some homebrew, please do not update it now until the confirmation news release.

Here are the proof

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Ninjhax 2.6 works well with SKY3DS+/SKY3DS on latest 3DS v10.6.0-31

Mr Smea released hax2.6 in github, the new feature is that you can return to home menu from homebrew launcher. Hax 2.6 can works well with 3DS 10.6.0-31.

Ninjhax team also released ninjhax 2.6, which can go to the homebrew launcher through copy of Cubic Ninja. Ninjhax 2.6 allows users to run many out-of-region 3ds roms. We tested that sky3ds+/ sky3ds can use ninjhax 2.6 to support out-of-region 3ds games on latest 3DS 10.6.0-31.
The user guide of ninjhax 2.6 is the same as ninjhax 2.0(you need to download the the latest “homebrew starter kit ” for ninjhax 2.6): Ninjhax 2.0 user guide.

Tips: If you want to use ninjhax 2.6 to run out-of-region 3ds games with sky3ds+, please click the region free launcher icon. Then you will find the icon of Cubic Ninja, press sky3ds+ orange button to switch games. Then remove your sky3ds+ completely from your console and then insert it again. The icon of out-of-region 3ds game will show.

As pictures show, we test ninjhax 2.6 with sky3ds+ on 3DS 10.6.0-31E. And the game: Fire Emblem If JP works well with sky3ds+ on 3DS 10.6.0-31E through ninjhax 2.6.

Oot3dhax also works well with 3DS10.6 which can arrive homebrew launcher through a copy of The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time.

Mr Smea think that browserhax/menuhax are not comatible with 10.6.
Browserhax -use the stock web browser to get homebrew running.
Menuhax- use home menu itself as a permanent entrypoint to get homebrew running.

About the new feature: retuen to home menu from homebrew launcher. ninjhax/oot3dhax and menuhax should works well with it. While browserhax is just with NEW3DS, but not OLD3DS.

He recommended that users should update your payload even if you do not need the new fearure because the hax 2.6 should fix some bugs. In order to improve the customer experience, it is better to update it.

Besides, the new features is still an experiment and is not stable now.