Nintendo 3DS firmware 11.4.0-37 released, Does sky3ds+ or homebrew exploits work on it?


On April 10, 2017, Nintendo team released the latest firmware version 11.4.0-37. Similar to the past firmware update, Nintendo team describes the update with one sentence “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”. Do 3ds flashcards sky3ds+ or any 3ds homebrew exploits work on 3DS 11.4.0-37?

It is happy to tell you that 3ds flashcards- orange button sky3ds+ and blue button sky3ds both work on 3DS 11.4.0-37. We just updated our 3DS to v11.4.0-37J and test sky3ds+/sky3ds on it. Both cards work on the new firmware version without any problem.

3DS homebrew exploits on 3DS 11.4.0-37

NINJHAX: Works on NEW3DS only(new hax payloads for 11.4 on NEW 3DS is available)
Safehax: Patched(Doesn’t work without UDSploit, so therefore broken.)
Soundhax: Patched
BootNTR Selector: Temporarily broken, needs 11.4 NFIRM support
GBR VC: Broken

Should I update to 3DS 11.4.0-37?
1. If you usually use sky3ds+/sky3ds or r4 3ds cards to play 3DS/DS games and do not use any exploits otr CEW, please update your 3DS console without worries.
2. If you want to access the 3DS eShop, you have to update to 3DS 11.4.0-37
3. If you have installed or ready to install some exploits, please do not update until there is a confirmation about it.
4. Gateway 3ds can not work on 3DS/NEW3DS/2DS 11.4.0-37 directly. Please do not update your 3DS console to Emunand 11.4 until the gateway team confirms the news.

Sky3ds+ supports 3DS Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World on 3DS 11.4.0-370203
Sky3ds+ supports Cubic Ninja on 3DS 11.4.0-370406



    1. We can use Ninjhax 2.9 to launch homebrew launcher on NEW3DS11.4. Ninjhax can not be used to downgrade 11.4. Currently, 3DS console with firmware version 11.4 can not be downgraded

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