Super Mario Maker NTR plugin

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS Cheat NTR Plugin released


Two days ago, Mr RyDog and DarkFlare69 released cheat NTR plugin for Super
Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS which has some useful cheats. It only works for
USA version Super Mario Maker on NEW3DS console.

New3DS(xl) with CFW on 11.0 or higher
Boot NTR
Super Mario Maker *legit* download (from FreeShop or ciaAngle) USA only works

How to use the plugin
1. Install Boot NTR on your 3DS, follow this post
2. Download the zip and extract the ‘00040000001A0400’ folder to a ‘plugin’ folder on your SD card.
3. Reboot your NEW3DS and make sure the Boot NTR works.
4. Launch BootNTR selector, and select BootNTR version 3.3 or version 3.4
5. It will auto exit, and then you launch Super Mario Maker immediately
6. Click the game icon of Super Mario Maker, there should be a green screen flashed which means you can use the cheat.

Super Mario Maker Cheat
-Lives modifier (increase/decrease/max)
-Instant one up
-Mario State Modifier
-Points Modifier
-Hold B to fly
-Unlimited Time
-Kill yourself
-Speed Modifier
-Unlock medals code

We have confirmed in the last post that sky3ds+ can support Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS directly.
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