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SKY3DS+ firmware V112 released, one private header shared for all oneline games.

Great news! SKY3DS+ newest firmware updated-V112. For users who want to play 3ds online games, it is really an exciting news. This update addes one new line in settings.txt file: “DEFAULT_GAMESAVE_KEY=” which to set your own private header shared for all online games. In other words, you can play many 3ds games online if you own one private header from the geniune gamecard through thin line, which means many 3ds games can use one private header to play online games.

Sky3DS+ the newest firmwareV112 is released! 

* Sky3DS+ firmware V112 [02/22/2016]
Change logs:
1.Tiny bugs fixed.
2.Added the “DEFAULT_GAMESAVE_KEY=” in settings.txt file, to set your own private header shared for all online games play.

*Note: You don’t have to udpate this firmware for your sky3DS+ if you don’t need this feature.

We used a Monster Hunter X public header as example and tell you how to use this new function:

1. Download sky3ds+ firmware V112 from sky3ds+ official site and then copy the files to the root directory of your microSD card.
2. Connect your sky3ds(microSD card inserted)+ and your PC with USB cable
3. The LED red light will turn on for 10 seconds, then turn to the green light and keep flashing for 10 seconds, once the light turn off it means the sky3DS+ has been updated successfully.
Alert: Never unplug the USB cable while the green light keep flashing, it might damage your sky3DS+ card!
4. Delete the firmware.bin file in your microSD card.
5. Open your settings.txt file in your microSD card.

① If there is no CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS = 1(default 0, can change it anytime later) in the file, please add this line and then save it.
② If this line exits, set “DEFAULT_GAMESAVE_KEY=6C126FD17B1CB63EA00BA94525E0124C”( The number should be your own private header0 and save it. If there has some .CFG files for games which you want to play online in the following steps, please delete these .CFG files .

The header we used in the picture is a public header for MHX, please do not use it on your console for the risk of being banned.

③ insert sky3ds+ with microSD card to 3DS console, start 3ds console and run each games.Each .CFG file for there games will be created in your microSD card. Then you will find that this line “GAMESAVE_KEY=6C126FD17B1CB63EA00BA94525E0124C” in every .CFG file.

④ Now you enjoy playing 3ds online games with sky3ds+.

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