LBX – Little Battlers Experience

SKY3DS can support LBX – Little Battlers Experience US

Great news. The famous rom- LBX – Little Battlers Experience  has been added to the latest sky3ds template file. In a word, you can downlosd the sky3ds latest template file from the official site and then play the Little Battlers Experience US on your US 3DS console.

When you  3DS console fimrware version is not the US, there is no need to worry about it. Please use the ninjhax2.1 to play LBX – Little Battlers Experience region free on your 3DS.

How to use ninjhax 2.1 playing games region free(ironhax and tubehax)?

And we tested it with sky3ds on our 3DS 9.9.0-26J with installation of ninjhax2.1 and confirm that LBX – Little Battlers Experience US can work great with sky3ds.