Ninjhax 2.7 gamma is alive allowing eshop access on older 3DS firmwares

Mr Yellows8 released a new exploit on the 3DS-ctr-httpwn which allows users to bypass required sysupdates on older 3DS firmwares. Users can go to Nintendo eShop, or DLC content through ninjhax 2.7 on older firmware versions(v9.1-10.6). In other words, you do not need to update your 3ds console to the latest firmware now and you can go to eshop through HBL directly.

The user instruction of ninjhax 2.7 is the same as ninjhax 2.0. Ninjhax 2.7 can support OLD/NEW 3DS v9.1-10.7. You can use sky3ds+ to go to homebrew launcher. We tested it with 3DS Ver 9.5.0-20J and it works well. There seems some problem with 3DS10.6.0-31

An OLD/NEW 3DS v9.1-10.7
A working WIFI connection for your 3DS to connect to
One microSD card for 3DS
One microSD card for sky3ds+

homebrew starter kit

Step1: Download thehomebrew starter kit and extract files:.3ds file and boot.3dsx to the root directory of 3DS microSD card;
download ctr-httpwn-master and extract it. Copy all the files to the directory of .3ds file. Insert microSD card to your 3DS.

Step2: Insert sky3ds with cubic ninja into 3DS console and start it. Run cubic ninja-Create-QR code-Scan QR code with wifi on ( The code should be compatible with your 3DS console firmware version).

Step 3: Press A to install the exploit

Then press A to run the exploit. Then the screen will flash and go to the homebrew launcher

Step4: Select eshop and run it. You can access to eshop freely now.
You should still turn on your wifi when you go to eshop.

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