How to transfer sky3ds(blue button) game save to sky3ds+ orange button

SKY3DS+ orange button has been released almost one month which leads to a hot discussion. With much more powerful functions with sky3ds+, many users have ordered it. However, there is an important problem for users who also have a blue button sky3ds. How to transfer the Roms save data in sky3ds blue button to sky3ds+ orange button. In this post, we will introduce you the way with the example of Super Mario.


SKY3DS+ orange button
1× SKY3DS+ blue/red button
1× New/OLD 3DS
2× MicroSD card

1. Please look at the Super Mario save interface with blue button sky3ds on 3DS

2. Insert the card reader with sky3ds microSD card to your PC;
Download the latest  Diskwriter V2.03 and open it on your PC. select the game you want to transfer, and right click “backup save2”. Then a .sav file for this game will be created.

3.Then copy the .sav file to your microSD card for your sky3ds+ orange button. The name of .sav file must be the same as the name of its Rom.

4. Insert sky3ds+ with microSD card to your 3DS console, and then start your game. Then you will find that the game save has been transferred successfully to sky3ds orange button.
Now you can enjoy games with sky3ds+.


  1. I did exactly what it is specified here but almost all of my saves turnt out to be corrupted and I had to restart the game from scratch… Any idea of what I did wrong or is there any kind of solution?

  2. But if i want to do de opposite? I want to transfer mi save file of sky3ds+ to sky3ds. Is it possible?

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