How to use ninjhax 2.1 playing games region free(ironhax and tubehax)?

The developers of ninjhax 2.0-Mr sema released ironhax and tubehax on its offcial
We can use ninjhax 2.1 with sky3ds& Cubic Ninja to play games region free and other homebrews.Now we can also use ironhax/tubehax to enjot region free games.

Vedio[Free 3DS homebrew, region free for all on latest firmware version (ironhax and tubehax) ]

When your 3DS console version is v9.0-9.9, you can use tubehax  and now we will introduce you the tutorial of use use ninjhax 2.1 playing games region free(tubehax)


1.3DS console V9.0-9.9
2. Download”YouTube application”(available for free) on eshop
3. Please make sure the internet connection is right.

Step 1. Please download the homebrew starter kit and unzip it. Copy all the files to your 3DS sd card

Step 2.  On your 3DS, select System Settings→Internet Settings→Connection Settings→select your favorite Connection(Connection1/2/3, anyone is ok)→click Change Settings→ Select “no” for DNS on second page→ Detailed Setup→Primary DNS, enter the follwoing number and then click”OK”

Step 3,  Please save the new settings and close the system settings

Step 4, Run the”YouTube” which you  need to choose your console version.

Step 5, choose yuor console foirmware version under “Select your firmware version” and then click”submit”

Step 6, After for a while, the the exploit should run and the Homebrew Launcher should load up !
Once you want to exit from the Homebrew Launcher, please press Start →A button.

It is really easy to use 2.1 to enjoy games region free, is it? For users who donot have a ninjhax rom or  donot want to read the QR code is a easlier way to enjoy home  Ninjhax 2.0 works well with SKY3DS on FW9.0-9.9

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